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Auricle, external acoustic meatis, temporalis muscle, temporal bone, parotid gland, accessory parotid gland, tympanic membrane, malleous, incus, stapes, round window, oval window, cochlea, semicircular canals, vestibule, vestibular nerve, facial nerve, cochlear nerve, labyrinthine artery & eustachian tube.

Image Size

21" x 25" @ 300ppi, 6300 x 7500 pixels

Our medical stock art can be purchased at the size of your choice and can also be customized to meet your specific needs. Images can be sent in most file formats, including jpg, png, gif, tiff, PSD, AI, PDF, etc.

Standard Sizes for Pricing

4800x4800 px
16"x16" @ 300ppi

2400x2400 px
8"x8" @ 300ppi

1200x1200 px
4"x4" @ 300ppi

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