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Medical Illustration

As illustrative story tellers, we take great pride in creating artwork for our clients that is relatable and promotes understanding with your intended audience. We believe that in collaborating with our clients, we form a great working relationship where the best results can then be achieved.

With over 30 years of experience, we create various styles of medical illustration from simple schematic art to highly complex anatomically correct illustrations and graphics. Elements are created separately so that they may be modified and incorporated into any other of your projects. Our styles include traditional and digital techniques of pen and ink, pencil, watercolor, airbrush, pastels to match the style of your choosing. Our images are finalized as digital files that can be sent to you in a format of your preference or as a printed hard copy.

Let us assist you on your next project! Contact us via our pricing form, by email, or simply call 773808.8509 for detailed pricing estimates. Samples of our medical illustration work can be found on our portfolio page.

Medical Illustration